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Eviction Process

My clients often ask me to explain the procedure for conducting an eviction in california.

The steps are as follows:

1. Serve a proper code-compliant notice to quit.

2. Upon expiration of notice, if tenants have not vacated unit, you file an unlawful detainer complaint.

3. Serve the complaint on tenant

4. If they fail to timely respond then you take the default of the tenant. Obtain a default judgment for possession only and a writ of possession which is then sent to the sheriff to carry out the eviction.

5. If the tenant answers the complaint, the landlord should conduct any necessary discovery and set the matter for trial.

6. If the matter is not settled then a trial takes place. If the landlord prevails a judgment is entered and a writ of possession is obtained and taken to the sheriff to open up the eviction.

My office handles evictions in San Francisco, alameda, contra costa, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

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