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3251 Steiner Street, San Francisco, California 94123

Kevin Sullivan has assisted me with several legal matters including a personal injury case and some real estate issues.  Kevin is an extremely knowledgeable, personable and dependable who works hard to achieve the best results for his clients in the most economical way.  I highly recommend Kevin as an attorney for your legal needs.

– Anna S. (5 star review)

Kevin is an outstanding lawyer and I am glad to have him on my side. He has a great deal of knowledge, insight, and compassion that he brings to the table. He helped me resolve the issue I brought to him in a timely and efficient manner with the best possible outcome. He kept me well informed through out the process and I felt like I was in good hands the whole time. I would highly recommend Kevin’s legal services.

– Sophia S. (5 star review)

Kevin recently helped me reconcile a Settlement Agreement. His input on the matter was thoughtful and insightful, and he helped resolve the issue timely and efficiently. I would certainly recommend Kevin’s legal services.

– Jonathan N. (5 star review)

Kevin is a definitely a class act and advised me on a handful of legal matters over the years ranging from landlord/tenant law to issues relating to starting a new business.  He is very knowledgeable provides his honest opinion and doesn’t push a decision one way or another.  He has a very consultative approach which I liked very much.

I will continue to use Kevin for all of my legal needs.

– Gabe B. (5 star review)

We have relied on Kevin for a number of legal matters and he has come through for us every single time. Being the defendant in any lawsuit is never fun, and Kevin’s zealous advocacy, honest advice, and hard work made the process much less stressful. We will continue to rely on Kevin for all our legal needs.

– Winston H. (5 star review)

Very knowledgeable and responsive Attorney

Kevin really helped me. I had a complicated real estate case involving multiple parties, misrepresentation, fraud and easement issues. Kevin is very knowledgeable, responsive and attentive. I will continue using him for any legal matters that occur in the future.

– Gabe, a Real Estate client (5 star review)

The best lawyer ever in my life

Lawyer Kevin Samuel Sullivan helped me a great deal on my debt issue. He was extremely helpful, talented and cares for his clients. From my successful experience, I will strongly recommend this reliable lawyer to others.

– Lena, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

Highly Recommended!

Mr. Sullivan is a true professional who has his clients best interest in mind. He is very knowledgeable, accessible & very determined to fight for his clients case. I have & would refer him to people that are in need of an attorney. He is fair & honest, I trust him completely.

– Janet, a Debt Settlement client (5 star review)

As Promised!,,

I called expecting to speck to one attorney through the service provided by my employer. I believe all things happen for a reason and enter Kevin Sullivan. I had spoken to his partner who in the beginning gave sound advice so I was calling to return for their services and ound a wonderful team that allowed each to excerise their talents to resolve their clintes needs in my case a landlord problem. All I can say is Kevin went far above my expectations when in come to keeping me in
The loop. I found him to be trustworthy and realiable. The fee reflected the detailed work involved and a clear understanding in the beginning and a plan that worked for me made this experience well worth every dime. Even with my crazy schedule I was met at my convience to review material to facilitat a successful . I can only say if you need the job done this is you guy and this is your team. Yes when they work for you they become apart of YOUR TEAM! Enough said!

– JophreyYves-Bishop, a Landlord & Tenant client (5 star review)

Excellent Lawyer got me a favorable settlement!

I was under the gun with a stressful debt issue. Mr. Sullivan took on the case for me and the stress level immediately ceased! Mr. Sullivan provided me sound legal advice and ultimately got a very favorable settlement. He did an excellent job with favorable results for me. What else can I say except do not hesistate to call Kevin with your legal issues.

– Tom, a Debt Settlement client (5 star review)

Landlord tenant law

I was referred to Kevin Sullivan for tenant nonpayment issues. Kevin was very knowledgeable and responsive in my needs. We were able to get the whole matter taken care of quickly and effectively.

– Todd, a Landlord & Tenant client (5 star review)

A Good Corner Man

It was great to have a lawyer like Kevin in my corner. He helped walk me through a dark time in my life. He is very knowledgeable and he kept me informed all along the way. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in a jam.

– DUI client (5 star review)

Landlord/Tenant Matter (Landlord side)

Knowledgeable, quick, and responsive. With Kevin’s help, we were able to get the matter resolved quickly and efficiently. Definitely made the right decision; could not have asked for a better lawyer. Thanks!

– Danny, a Landlord & Tenant client (5 star review)

Thank you Kevin

Kevin patiently explained proceedings, kept me up to date, he was helping me weigh my decisions at my court hearing..He phoned often to inform me about my case. Kevin was very patient with me, courtious, and considerate .He certainly did not overcharge me. Within six weeks, he succeeded to remove the unlawful detainee.

– Agnes, a Landlord & Tenant client (5 star review)

Highly recommend!!

Kevin was extremely kind, available and Knowledgeable to my situation. If you are looking for an attorney that will accommodate your every need I highly recommend Kevin Sullivan.

– LaVerne, a Landlord & Tenant client (5 star review)

Worked extremely hard for me fighting two restraining orders

Great Find! I can only highly recommend this man.
Kevin Sullivan worked extremely hard for me and I love the fact that he handled my case himself and all my communications were with him directly!

I was referred to Kevin by a very good friend who had found him for me after scouring and vetting a long list of ‘possibles’. My friend had been insisting I use an attorney in the matter of a temporary restraining order filed against me by a freshly ‘exed’ girlfriend in late 2011 because he knew that i needed help.

Having gone through a whole year’s worth of grief and trouble with this woman, my head was already so messed up in dealing with the emotional repercussions of the situation when the filing took place.

I had just successfully ‘deflected’ a previous attempt to file this TRO against me without the use of counsel, but only due to the fact that the woman in question had called me the night before the court hearing, prompting the Judge to dismiss…

And while my friend and I knew that the filing against me was of frivolous nature…The Judge in this matter had not and I felt like i had gotten lucky on winning this first attempt.

So when it turned out that my Ex had been able to use her lies to convince her coworkers and now even her employers to file another, separate application for a restraining order against me (based on her coworker’s lies in an effort to ‘help’ their dear friend..) it was high time to stop them short in their tracks before this got out of hand.

Kevin was attentive, inquisitive, elaborate yet courteous in his obtaining all necessary information from myself and others to mount our defense. He was knowledgeable, filing all necessary motions in a timely manner, pre-emptively nipping their efforts in the bud in such a way that on the day of the hearing there was little left but to await their response, which was in essence to capitulate immediately without proceeding in the matter.

I was so pleased with the outcome that when this… woman… filed yet another application for a TRO against me, this time again on her own behalf, unrelated to her workplace, it was a no-brainer to use Kevin. We worked together on countering the accusations and mounting my defense. When hit with an additional 45 page document at the first hearing (containing a comprehensively construed set of lies for us to disprove as well as further ramblings of her mind) Kevin did an incredible amount of work in combating this document.

He kept in communication throughout the entire process and I specially appreciated being in touch with HIM, the attorney representing ME himself rather than having been handed down to some know-nothing assistant or possibly even intern (!) after the initial consultation, during which two of their senior partners managed to make you and your case feel so ‘important’… because exactly this has happened to me on a couple of occasions already when working with expensive, big-name law firms.

Whenever this hand-me-down procedure had been executed I often was literally unable to get hold of the actual attorney who was supposed to be handling my case. Needless to say this doesn’t make for a whole lot of confidence when standing next to them in court, having observed them quickly browse through my file in the hallway a few minutes before the doors open… Not so with Kevin Sullivan. Direct contact with my attorney is the way that I want to be treated from now on.

If you’ve read all the way to this point and should decide to go with another law firm, be sure to ask them who you will be talking to, i.e. who will a c t u a l l y be handling your case and communications with you. Then think twice, that’s my advice… before you hire someone else..

– Matthias, a Family client (5 star review)

I highly recommend Mr. Sullivan and his excellent work!

I am very happy with Mr. Sullivan’s services and recommend him highly. Already at our first appointment, I felt I could trust Mr. Sullivan to be an honest, reliable and knowledgeable person. Indeed, he worked hard to help bring my case to a good end with prompt filings and good advice. Most of all I appreciated that he kept me informed with direct communications by phone and email. I could ask him any relevant question and would receive patient and knowledgeable answers. I couldn’t be happier with his services and highly recommend him!

– Sonja, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

Honest, Caring and Exceptional Lawyer

I hired Mr. Sullivan to represent me in connection with an accident I had where I fell outside a store and suffered serious injuries. Mr. Sullivan immediately went to work on my case gathering information that would ultimately lead to a successful resolution of my case.

Mr. Sullivan is professional, honest, caring and hardworking. He is a people person who has a good heart and cares about people. I would totally recommend Mr. Sullivan to anyone looking for a good lawyer.

I am very thankful that I found Mr. Sullivan to help me.

– Anna, a Slip and Fall client (5 star review)

Straight forward hardworking guy

Got me out of a few tough situations without hurting my wallet. Mr Sullivan will accomplish what he sets out to do with his go getter attitude, savy, and experience.

– Steve, a Lawsuits & Disputes client (5 star review)

a great help

he really helped me understand the entire process. he got the job done quickly!

– Lindsey, a Family client (5 star review)

A thoughtful, responsive and caring attorney

Recently, Kevin Sullivan assisted my husband and myself win a dispute with social security and medicare. He was knowledgeable, quick to act on our behalf and totally trustworthy. As this case meant adjustments in our social security allotments and medicare payments, you can imagine how sensitive it was. He followed up on the submission of paperwork and was professional in our meeting with the government representative. I would not hesitate to have Kevin Sullivan handle any additional legal matters that might arise.

– linda, a Social Security client (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney

I hired Mr. Sullivan to represent me in a debt collection lawsuit. He was was able to negotiate a great settlement for me. He was very responsive and worked really fast. He filed a response soon after my initial meeting with him.

– Debt Collection client (5 star review)





– CYNDI, a Landlord & Tenant client (5 star review)

Highly Recommended

I called about a renter issue. Withing 5 minutes over the phone he explained the right action, a 3 day pay or quit notice with a follow up court action if needed. I followed up in a day or so and retained his services. Kevin made it easy for me resolve the issue with no real effort on my part. He followed up and even responded on the weekend. When changes (requested by me) were discussed he explained the right action. He made all the arrangements, calls and letters. His charges were lower than I expected. All this over the phone, although he was prepared for a settlement conference or any meeting. Issue was resolved fast.
The real good part, he explained issues to me that I could understand so that could contribute to the solution.

– Steve, a Landlord & Tenant client (5 star review)

Thorough and trustworthy lawyer!

I had hired Kevin for a diminution-of-value case when someone hit my brand BMW. He quickly dove into my case and started discussions with the other party. After numerous discussions and even court filing, he was able to negotiate a fair settlement with the other party. I highly respect Kevin’s dedication to his cases and his clients. I also appreciate his knowledge and frequency of communication to ensure that I was up to speed at all times. He’s clearly thorough and trustworthy!

– Lydia, a Car Accident client (5 star review)

Thorough and Solid Attorney Services

Mr. Sullivan handled my debt dispute case superbly. We settled the disputed amount for pennies on the dollar. He was ready to fight it out in court, but settled it through hard negotiating tactics. I would use him again, no doubt!

– Debt Collection client (5 star review)

help negotiating with cc company over dept

i was referred to Kevin through a program with the San Francisco bar. He represented me in negotiations with a credit card dept company over a dept that had gone to court. Throughout the entire negotiations he kept in touch with me and at each decision point gave me the the option available and the consequences of each action.

I have since recommended his office to several friends that have needed legal help

– byron (5 star review)

A Great Lawyer and Great Guy

Kevin did an amazing job with my case. I felt the whole time he was no only interested in my case but also as me as a person as well. Not only did he work out a deal for me but helped me prepare for what was to come before and after the trail. At the time money was hard for me and he even worked out a deal to help me financially. If I ever need a lawyer again he will be the first choice I call.

– Jason (5 star review)

I would recommend

Kevin worked hard to represent me in my case. He was thorough, prompt, and explained complicated legal jargon to me in a way that was easy to understand. Kevin was fair and practical with his billing and fees, and was easy to get ahold of. If Kevin didn’t know the answer to one of my questions he would research it and get back to me with the answer. I had a good experience working with Kevin and would recommend his services.

– Divorce client (5 star review)

A fine counselor!

Mr. Sullivan was able to negotiate a manageable settlement for me, taking tons of fear’s pressure off my shoulders. He was prompt and very understandable in his communications with me, and I felt very comfortable. with him. Life without the need of lawyers would be glorious, but when we find the need for them, it’s lawyers like Kevin Sullivan that definitely make one glad that they’re around! Bravo, Kevin!

– Debt Settlement client (5 star review)

My Highest Recommendation!

Let me first say I have never retained an attorney. I found Kevin Sullivan after searching online for several hours, not knowing which way to turn. I was being sued for over $6000.00 by a credit management company. My situation has gotten from bad to worse over the last several years, just turned 61 so job finding has been impossible, my unemployment has been denied, and I am dealing with depression. Kevin is so down to earth and easy to talk to at times I felt like I was being helped by a good friend or family member. Within about 2 weeks Kevin had my case settled. The company settled for much less than I had expected and i was able to even make payments. The fact that he has dealt with this company before and knew some of the attorneys was an extra blessing to help my situation. Kevin is a compassionate and understanding person first and a reliable and knowledgeable attorney second. I would hire him again and recommend him to friends and family and know they would be well taken of and in good hands.

– Judy, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

Exceptional Lawyer with a big heart

I was referred to Kevin Samuel Sullivan by VLSP Changing Lives about three months ago. I am a disabled person. I have just lost my son, who passed away suddenly. I am still in mourning with the loss of my son. It was brought to my attention that there was a levy put on my finances, and I was being sued. Kevin Sullivan took on my case. He was a kind and very compassionate person. He took the time to explain to me the legal words I did not know and put them in simple words that I could understand. He took away the fears and anxiety I was having and made me feel at ease. He was very helpful to me and was able to settle my case very quickly. I want to thank Kevin Sullivan for all the work he did on my behalf. He is an exceptional attorney. I will tell my family and friends to go to him.

– Cynthia, a Debt Settlement client (5 star review)

Highly Recommended!

I was sued for a debt collection case and I was completely lost. I contacted several attorneys, and Kevin was the most helpful one that I spoke to. Kevin gave me a free consultation through the phone and really helped address my concerns and legal options. He knew that I was nervous and anxious about the case, and answered all my questions in details. He responds immediately to emails, and telephone calls which I greatly appreciate especially when you are under pressure to meet the deadline.

I settled the case on my own, at a very expensive price. This was my very first lawsuit and I was under the assumption that the attorney fees would not be affordable. If anyone was to ask for my advice on collection lawsuit, I would highly recommend working with Kevin on the case. Not only could he help you negotiate for a lower balance, he would prepare all the paperwork for you, and you wouldn’t have to spend a great deal of time negotiating with the plaintiff, especially if you are not a experienced negotiator.

Going through lawsuits are extremely uncomfortable and you want to find the right attorney that can help address your needs. I highly recommend Kevin Sullivan as he is experienced, has excellent communication skills, is patient with clients, and responsive.

– Tiffani, a Debt Settlement client (5 star review)

Debt collection agency case

A credit collection company sued me. I have 30 days to respond to the court & my time is running out. I didn’t know what to do. I posted a question here in avvo, & Kevin replied to my questions. I had a free consulation from him & explained every details that i need to know. He handled my case very well and kept me updated. He helped me to dismiss my case with prejudice. Now im stress free thanks to Kevin.

– Bianca N., a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

A lawyer that is not after your money but he is there to help you.

Me and my brother were sued for his student loan for almost $60,000 . We tried to get help from different lawyers and very glad that we found Mr.Sullivan. The very first time that I spoke with him over the phone I told myself he is the right person to represent us. He is very sincere and trustworthy. He took our case for a minimal deposit compare to other lawyers that wanted more than 5 hours of work as deposit to start with. After just a month our case has been resolved, Mr. Sullivan was able to negotiate the amount down to $22,000 with a monthly payment of $200. I highly recommend Mr.Sullivan

– Marcel, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

Extremely Professional, Honest and Trustworthy!

Kevin Sullivan was extremely communicative and honest with me during my entire lawsuit with Nelson & Kennard. I truly believe he was out for my best interest and settled my case with Capital One for about a 50% settlement. I also feel that Kevin was fair with his fees for the hours and time he put into my case. I highly recommend Kevin for your legal needs.

– kelley, a Debt Settlement client (5 star review)

Got the job done

I found Kevin through this website and sought him out because he had previous experience dealing with the company suing me over a debt. In our initial free consultation he helped me understand the details of my case clearly and offered a fair price for his services.

He took care of all the aspects of the case quickly and efficiently. In our phone discussions he was very helpful in responding to my questions, no matter how basic, and spoke in terms that were easy to understand for anyone not versed in legal jargon. He kept me informed about all developments promptly through email, and was quick to return my calls.

Kevin handled my case so effectively that it was dropped by the opposing counsel. He has even offered to help me settle outside of court if I am interested in still doing so, without an additional fee, even though the case is technically closed. This is above and beyond what I would have expected.

I could not have asked for better results or a better lawyer for dealing with this matter. Not to mention he genuinely seemed to care about helping me out. He has my highest recommendation.

– Ian, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

Would highly recommend Kevin. Immensly helpful in sorting our case involving breach of contract, fraud, and misrepresentation.

For the past few months I had been struggling to win a case–or even make headway–against a home remodeling contractor that did the siding on my home in 2001. Upon recently discovering that they improperly installed the siding, leading to the entire interior of our house to be covered in dry rot, I strove to be compensated for their wrong-doing. I consulted with three lawyers, all of whom were little to no help and all essentially said there no hope for my case as it went beyond the statute of limitations. I quickly realized that these lawyers had no faith in my case and were apprehensive to help me.

Upon the recommendation of a friend, I hired Kevin Sullivan. Kevin was attentive, hopeful while remaining realistic, and often updated my husband and I on the case. In a couple short months he was able to secure a settlement from the company for us, now enabling us to pay for new siding on our home. I’d recommend Kevin in a heartbeat for anyone dealing with a similar issue.

– Galina, a Construction client (5 star review)

Totally competent lawyer, saved me thousands of dollars

Highly recommend Kevin’s services. He successfully resolved a case in my favor. I was being sued by a debt collector and I felt I didn’t owe them because it had been more than 4 years since I’d made a payment on the account. Kevin filed all the lawsuit/court paperwork on time and was very responsive. Very knowledgeable in this area. I didn’t owe the debt collector any money and I didn’t have to pay them. Case was over in a timely manner.

– Erin, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

Kevin will be my “go-to” guy for legal advice

In my case, I needed Kevin’s assistance in collecting on a promissory note. He handled the court filings and kept me abreast every step along the way. His advice was invaluable and I felt very much at ease knowing that he was taking care of my case. He helped me work out a payment plan with the debtor and will step back in if any issues arise in the future. He was a great guy to have in my corner. He will also be the one I’ll refer to if I ever need help with tenant/landlord issues and evictions. I’m not looking for trouble, but I know Kevin will be there to get me out of it.

– Lee, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

Wonderful Lawyer and a GREAT Guy!!!

I was being sued for spousal support, after filing for Bankruptcy. I was losing sleep over my case. Kevin was referred to me by my bankruptcy lawyer. I made a call to Kevin to setup a consultation and he was very helpful in responding to my questions. His responses were easy to understand. I felt so much better about my case after contacting him.
He kept me informed about all developments promptly through email, and was quick to return my calls. Kevin handled my case so effectively that the case was dropped.
He really seemed to care about helping me out. I could have not asked for a better lawyer to handle my case. I feel blessed that I found such a wonderful lawyer! Not to mention his hourly rate was reasonable.

– Lynda, a Family client (5 star review)

Great attorney

Very professional attorney who kept me informed of all aspects of the case and resolved the case successfully. I highly recommend this attorney and shall use him again if I have another case in California.

– A.J., a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

A Positive Path, A Journey with a positive outcome

I dont know where to start. my life took a turn for the not so good and was in need of an attorney to help me through a complicated journey. My wife is part of a new mother chat forum and reached out to the new moms in hope of locating a good attorney. Long and behold Kevin surfaced from recomendations from several of the new moms…
Kevin successfully represented me in a wage dispute and made life so much worth the fight. he was caring and hard working devoting personal attention to my file or whatever the need was.
Kevin, so much thanks goes out to you for everything you did for me and my family..

– Shawn, a Employment client (5 star review)

Mr. Sullivan is a very caring lawyer, which is rare and refreshing.

Mr. Sullivan, represented me in a wrongful termination case. I was very angry at what happened. He really took the time to understand and hear me. His competence was outstanding and inspiring. I have dealt with other lawyers and in my experience it can become a circus for them going back and forth to rack up billable hours. I did not have that with Mr. Sullivan. He got right to the point, and took care of business.
He got me more than I expected and I am thrilled with the results. Would I recommend him to everyone I know?
Hands down -yes.
I always had a low opinion of lawyers, but he really made it easy for me and turned my opinion around. I also understood what was happening rather than just faced with a bill for mysterious charges like my previous lawyers.

I hope I don’t need another lawyer, but if I ever do, I know exactly whom I would come back to.
Thank you Mr. Sullivan for the great work you did.

– Dave, a Wrongful Termination client (5 star review)

judgement representation..

I would like to express my special thanks to Mr. Sullivan. He went out of his way to represent me and he took care of buss. the right way. He is very professional and knowledgeable. I would really appreciate all of his hard work and dedication to represent and work for me.

– alfonso, a Car Accident client (5 star review)


Sometimes Attorneys come in and are in the best situation and sometimes it can be a very bad situation when it comes to client service. Kevin Sullivan was referred to me through a Legal Service Agency, and I figured let me try this Attorney out. My matter dealt with Family Law/Divorce.
I can’t stress enough that Kevin was very understanding and supportive from the time he took and processed my case. Kevin does not leave his clients hanging. Kevin is very diligent and a knowledgeable attorney. He keeps his clients well informed, and has compassion and understanding. While the road to resolving any family issues can be a struggle and somewhat troublesome, Kevin gets the job done. Kevin met with well known judges and attorney’s regarding my personal case, and was able to step in immediately and take control of the matter. I wish I had known Kevin before hand. If anyone is looking for a strong, understanding, and well rounded individual, it is best to consult and hire as your attorney, Kevin Samuel Sullivan.

– Sam M., a Divorce client (5 star review)


Mr. Sullivan helped me with a debt settlement which had previously gone wrong from the organization I was working with on settling my debt. As it turned out the organization was holding a lot of my funds and didn’t let me know. They were trying to keep a lot of money in which they didn’t earn honestly and through Mr. Sullivan I was able to get all my funds back. I would recommend Mr. Sullivan to anyone. He kept me well informed and knew what he was talking about. I thank Mr. Sullivan greatly, if not for his expertise I would have been ripped off.

– Joanne, a Debt Settlement client (5 star review)

A+ for Mr. Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan helped me dismiss a collection lawsuit that was filed against me. He went above and beyond my expectations from an attorney. He is trusthworthy, honest and kept me well informed on the progression of my case as well as keping me advised of all my options and possible proceedings. Honestly, he made this process so easy and stress free. I never felt like I was dealing with an attorney, on the other hand he is a people person and is there for the right reasons! I’m very happy I came across Mr. Sullivan to handle my case….thank you!

– Eddie, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)


Kevin did an excellent job of handeling my case with me and I felt like my life was coming to an edge because my future depended on what happens now and what Kevin did was ultimately help me pull through, and ended with promising results. He helped me a theft I did some time ago and helped me get the best of results and I couldnt any happier. I’d highly recommend Mr. Sullivan.

– Alberto, a Criminal Defense client (5 star review)

highly recommend mr sullivan

Mr sullivan helped us in setteling a credit card lawsuit even though the cards were stacked against us. He helped us from the beginning responses all the way to settlement. He has an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. I would definately recommend him to anyone in need of a debt lawsuit attorney. This was our first lawsuit and we knew absolutely nothing. We found mr. SullivaN while searching for attorneys who can help after a lawsuit is presented. Most of the paperwork was done via email and over the internet-though he did meet with us initially. We are in the last phase of settlement where all we have to do to complete it is make 3 monthly settlement payments on time. The settlement was for 50 per cent of what we owed. This was a releif to me because we realy didn’t have the full amount and had we lost the case or not responded we would have had to pay not only the full debt but many other tacked on fees as well. Also,we had considered bankruptcy- but hesitated for several reasons-and of course the Negotiating and responses allowed us time to decide which way to go.

– Debt Settlement client (5 star review)

Highly Recommended!

I met Kevin Sullivan after 1.5 years of pointless trying to get reasonable compensation for my car accident injury. Right before I met Kevin, my case was accepted and then dropped by a high profile attorney, whose reason for dropping my case was that my injury wasn’t bad enough.
Kevin not only helped me settle with the insurance company, he made me realize that sometimes fighting was just not worth it. Like most people, I thought that my injury and suffering deserved a lot more than was offered, but Kevin helped me be more rational and realistic. As a result, we settled with the insurance co. without going to court and spending more time and money on something that would not have made a lot of financial difference. Kevin also reduced most of my medical bills by nearly 50%. On top of that, he reduced his attorney fees, so that I would feel better about my compensation. Now, I do not know of any attorneys who care about their clients like Kevin. Additionally, Kevin was fast in returning all my calls and emails. I know it’s a big deal because many attorneys do not get back to their clients for weeks, or sometimes even months.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for a decent and reliable attorney. Thank you Kevin for all your good work!

– R.Z, a Personal Injury client (5 star review)

A heart of Compassion and Patience!

Thank you soooooo much Mr. Sullivan for your compassion and patience in dealing with my eviction. Again Thank you!

– Cecilia (5 star review)

exceptional lawyer

Kevin Is a wonderful lawyer and helped me solve a debt collection case. I would highly recommend him as he is honest, knowledgeable, calm and goes the extra mile for his clients.
I definitely have found My lawyer for life and can count on him to solve any legal problem that I might encounter. I trust him completely and he takes the time to explain his position. Hiring him was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. A++++

– Lenore, a Debt Settlement client (5 star review)

Very satisfied

As we are from overseas, we need a very knowledgeable and caring lawyer to handle our debt collection case. Kevin did a very good job for us and we are very satisfied with the results. We would recommend him to anyone who has any problems with their debt collection.

– Debt Collection client (5 star review)

Kevin Sullivan did an excellent job!

Kevin did a great job with our debt collection. He was referred to us and we could not have done better. He kept us informed on a regular basis without our having to chase him. Kevin is personable and listened to us. He didn’t try to perpetuate the situation but moved the case along and as soon as it was coming to a close Kevin quickly took the necessary steps to complete the case. I would work with him again and certainly recommend him.

– Kate, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

very helpful with eviction process

Kevin was clear in explaining the eviction process to me and up front about the costs involved, including his fee, court costs, etc. He was knowledgeable of San Mateo law despite being located in SF. He was friendly and professional.

– Eric, a Real Estate client (5 star review)

Review Kevin Samuel Sullivan

Being a Landlord, Kevin helped me through a difficult situation as I was dealing with an “emotionally unhealthy” and rather dysfunctional tenant…his insights and problem solving abilities were direct and objective…Most grateful for his support and indeed I would use his services and skills again in the future…

– Landlord & Tenant client (5 star review)

Great Criminal Defense Lawyer who is extremely responsive and suportive of his Clients!

I reached out to Kevin when my daughter made a stupid decision that landed her in trouble with the law. Kevin was responsive, personable and well versed on the Law. Kevin came to court early, met with us in person (while I noticed a lot of attorneys met their clients in court right as they were being called up to the judge!) and helped push for the best possible resolution for the case. Kevin was always immediately available by email and by phone whenever we needed him. I am completely happy with the outcome of our case, and saw other people with similar charges have far worse outcomes then we did. I highly recommend Kevin Sullivan if you need a good attorney who is there for you whenever you need, not on the day court.

– Eileen, a Criminal Defense client (5 star review)

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I was very satisfied with Kevin to handle my case to the end. He had saved me a lot of headache and money (more the 65%OFF) to settle this case. Thanks and good work Kevin!

– Son, a Corporate client (5 star review)

great lawyer

I was sued by a debt collector and was terrified. I did my research online and decided to reach out to Kevin based on his excellent reviews from his previous clients. I must say, I was not disappointed. He took the situation out of my hand, and quickly resolved the matter for me. The case was quickly settled for what I had hoped for. Thank You Kevin.

– lani, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

The Best Injury Lawyer in San Francisco

Bottom Line is results. If you want a lawyer that gives you his best efforts, keeps you on the ball
with all the bases covered, then Kevin S. Sullivan is your lawyer. My experience with him has been
overwhelmingly successful and rewarding. His knowledge during arbitration was most outstanding, he had the other side on the defense from the first minute. Excellent skills in negotiation and settlement. The entire experience was easy, painless, and above all else effective. Mr. Sullivan is honest and forthright. His style unique and developed. He made it
seem I was more than a client, but, that of a valued friend. I would absolutely recommend him to everyone.

– Steve N., a Personal Injury client (5 star review)

The Best Attorney in the City!

Kevin Sullivan is a fine, fine attorney. He helped me with 2 cases, one of which he was able to get one creditor/collection agency to dismiss the case! He provides solid options and advice and was on top of my case from day one. He added a nice human touch to his dealings with me and makes the whole situation that much less stressful. I felt as though he always had my back and that’s a great feeling to have. Simply the best…..

– John, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

Excellent experience!

Kevin Sullivan helped us with legal issues we had between us and our business partners. During time he worked with us he showed knowledge of the issue and was well prepared for each appointment we had with Kevin, which was very important in our case, because we were unprepared for such changes and did not know what to do. Kevin made us feel very welcoming and his knowledge and experience gave us reassurance and great support. His professional attitude and prompt response completed our case with results we were looking for.
Thank you, Kevin!

– Irene, a Business client (5 star review)

Was a valuable and trusted lawyer!

I was being sued on an old credit account that had been sold to a debt buyer. The debt buyer was being very aggressive and pressured me to provide personal information. Mr. Sullivan not only eased my worries but was able to clearly educate me on my rights in a way that was easy to understand. He then helped to settle this case in a short amount of time. I have never had to deal with this kind of situation and Mr. Sullivan was wonderful at answering all my questions and provided timely follow up. I always felt like I could trust Mr. Sullivan.

– Michele, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

Great lawyer!

Kevin is a great excellent lawyer. I’m a international student who got a DUI in bay area. Sometimes I couldn’t understand how was going for the court, because my english skill, he explain for me patiently and clearly. I highly recommend him to everybody.

– Boheng, a DUI client (5 star review)

Kevin Sullivan A+ Lawyer

Kevin Sullivan was totally amazing, needed him to help with a debt situation he took care of my problem promply and very professionally. He did a wonderful job. If i ever need a lawyer again he will be the man i will call. I will refer him to anybody that needs help knowing he is honest and trustworthy and can get the job done. All i can really say is he is a A+ lawyer.

– Al, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

Knowledgeable and reasonably priced

Kevin was extremely knowledgeable, reasonable priced and cognizant of my time and resources. He resolved my case without litigation and one letter…. I would highly recommend Kevin Sullivan for any of your business legal needs.

– Eric, a Business client (5 star review)

SMART, EFFICIENT, Big Bang for the Buck, & a Friend

Kevin was very honest about my situation. I was involved in a debt collection case. The opposing side was very nasty and made my life a living nightmare. Then I found Kevin! He was forthcoming, efficient with my paperwork, and had a battle plan ready to go after meeting with him the first time. He also tempered my expectations of the outcome of the case. Kevin kept me informed all the way through. He managed my emotions and never once wasted my time or his. He did his best to represent me and never felt like he was juicing me for more money. He is great to work with and he knows his laws. At the time, he was advising me to settle and I was fighting him most of the way and to my disgust, we eventually settled with the opposing party, but in retrospect now, it was the best dam thing I could have done. I now have great sleep and I thanked Kevin for giving me GREAT advice.

– Grant, a Business client (5 star review)

HR Manager

Kevin helped my company in a labor board dispute. Kevin provided us with exceptional advice and set the expectations of the results so we had no surprises. He fully prepared us for all situations that could have occurred. Kevin is the best lawyer I ever worked with it. I look forward to working with him again.

– Camille, a Employment client (5 star review)

Kevin Sullivan saved the day (my company)!

Kevin Sullivan was recommended by another attorney as I was going to face losing my company of 24 years in the making, for a fraudulent employment claim made by fired disgruntle employees. As much as I wanted to fight this to the end and prove I took care of my employees very well and to show their claim was far from the truth… The cost to fight is sometimes easier to just bite the bullet and settle quickly – then move on… Kevin advised me for some time the pros and cons to fore fill my goal. As much as I wanted to fight, he understood what I was feeling mentally and financially, working with me throughout. Words can not explain how Kevin helped me save my 24 years of hard work, not go to waste. He is well respected though-out his peers and if you ever need legal advise from someone who actually cares, Kevin is the guy!
Thank you again Kevin for not pushing me, being patient and most of all closing out a nightmare…

– mobileautoconcepts, a Employment client (5 star review)

Great Job Kev!

Kevin did a great job for me. A debt Collection agency sued me and Kevin contacted them immediately and reached settlement in a day. USF Alum and San Francisco State…Old school SF lawyer. Also very convenient location in City easy to park.

– kevin scanlon, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

Review for Kevin S. Sullivan

Kevin recently took my case in which I was sued by a debt collector.

He was very polite and easy to talk to, which put me at ease and made me feel comfortable asking questions. He responded promptly and clearly to my communications.

Overall, he managed to settle the debt very quickly and for less than I was anticipating, which made me very happy!

I would definitely recommend Kevin to others or call him again should I need a lawyer.

– Debt Collection client (5 star review)

What a find!!!

Kevin handled our case with compassion, diligence, efficiency and tenacity. When our initial attempts to handle the matter were not successful he continued to work on our behalf and reached a outcome that both parties were satisfied with.

Professional plus a really nice guy .Highly recommended.

– Debt Settlement client (5 star review)

Kevin Sullivan – Excellent Lawyer!!

When you are looking for a lawyer to resolve your issues with the best possible outcome for you, Kevin is the lawyer you should engage. I signed up with him after reading reviews on him at Avvo and he deserves the 10.0 rating he sports at the site! I signed up and left my issues to Kevin. He handled it quietly and quickly, which is what you expect from a thorough Pro. Would I recommend him to anyone? Definitely – in a heartbeat!
From a debt guarantee settlement client in East Bay

– client (5 star review)

Very trustful lawyer

Mr. Sullivan helped me to do an eviction earlier this year. He was very trustful, responsible, and knowledgeable. He kept us informed and was well prepared. He listed all the possible situation we might face, and what we needed to do to prepare for the court. I was very satisfy with his service. He is highly recommended.

– Minny (5 star review)

I found a right Lawyer

I hired Kevin Sullivan to help me negotiate a contract. He was very pleasant to deal with and really helped me through the process explaining my options to me every step of the way. Ultimately, we reached a good agreement. I would hire him again and would without hesitation refer other clients to him as well.

– Michelle (5 star review)

Promissory Note Debt Settlement

Attorney Sullivan represented me in a debt settlement case tied to an aging promissory note that was breached. He helped craft my defense with the opposing counsel and was able to resolve the matter through a 3rd party mediator. He was very hands on, highly communicative and walked me through the process throughout the entire process. I would use him again if necessary and would also highly recommend him to anyone in need of his particular skills et and services that he offers.

– Mark, a Mediation client (5 star review)

A great attorney

I consulted Kevin over the conflicts I had with my contractor. What impressed me was that Kevin put his thought on various ways to deal with the problem rather than the generic steps. Prior to consulting Kevin, I had seen quite a few attorneys and most answered in standard ways. I felt Kevin put my interest first and that to me is a must, although not so easy to find, before moving on to discussing solutions. Kevin was also responsive and never missed a return phone call to me.

– Construction client (5 star review)

Good attorney for breach of contract

I had a breach of contract lawsuit. Kevin was able to handle it quickly and to my satisfaction. An office visit, a phone call, a couple of e mails and done. It cost me a few bucks, but I was expecting that. Excellent service.

– Steve, a Debt Agreements client (5 star review)

simply the best lawyer

This is my second experience with Kevin and again he has come through for me and helped me settle my case. I met him through a friend who was having financial difficulties and really admired his friendliness, knowledge and advice. I knew that if I ever had to hire an attorney it defintely would be him. Once again he has come through for me and saved me from an impending lawsuit and hundreds of dollars in court fees. Most importantly he is very reasonable and straight to the point and I trust him completely. He will be your lawyer for life. Excellent attorney and a nice man!

– Lenore, a Debt Settlement client (5 star review)

Best lawyer in CA

Mr. Sullivan handle my matter with diligence and professionalism. Excellent communication maintain through all the process. Extremely competent, highly recommended.

– Acela, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

Great services

I live on the East Coast and I needed to deal with a debt collection from someone on the West Coat. Mr. Sullivan was recommended to by a friend, and I am very pleased with the the level of professionalism and the ease to work with considering the distance between us and time Zone. I highly recommend Mr. Sullivan as an attorney for debt collection and wage garnishment. I received personal care and prompt responses to all my questions and concerns.

– Nihad, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

Exceptional Result!!

I worked with Kevin on my second credit card defense case. The difference between Kevin and the attorney that I used for my first case, a very high priced Financial District firm specializing in bankruptcy, was night and day in terms of results and billings. Kevin was very efficient and his fees were exceptionally reasonable by comparison. Kevin’s experience as a former credit card company litigator proved exceptionally valuable in the negotiated settlement and in his total billings. I could not give him a higher unqualified recommendation.

– Clyde, a Debt Settlement client (5 star review)

Review for Kevin Sullivan, Attorney at Law

Mr. Sullivan helped us with debt collectors who had actually received a judgement against us and had started garnishing our wages. Mr. Sullivan did an excellent job for us. He stopped the garnishment right away, and successfully negotiated a very favorable outcome for us.

– Deanna, a Debt Agreements client (5 star review)

Excellent attorney

I hired Kevin to settle a business lease matter. He was very knowledgeable and kept me informed throughout the entire process. He was willing to work with me on his fees and was very understanding of my situation. Kevin is an excellent attorney and highly recommend him to anyone.

– Donald, a Landlord & Tenant client (5 star review)

Kevin exceeded all my wildest expectations of what real good lawyer should be like..

I’ll put it simply. Talking to Kevin is like talking to a good, old friend who’s only intention is to protect you and make you feel that you are not all alone by yourself to fight the fight…. He is down to earth and very practical with his approach to any difficult situation one may encounter. He is extremely knowledgable and wildly level-headed and that has such a soothing, calming effect on people he represents. We needed urgent help to deal with going berserk 50/50 business partners and oh boy we are HAPPY WE GOT HIM. I’ll tell you one thing… Kevin will always be not only our top-notch Lawyer but also our dear, good friend hopefully for years to come… Kevin for us is a JACKPOT!!!!

– Daniel G, a Corporate client (5 star review)

Very helpful and knowledgeable!

Kevin is very knowledgeable and helpful. He provided excellent advice and demonstrated patience during a stressful situation.

– Mel, a Contracts client (4 star review)

Settlement Agreement resolution

Kevin recently helped me reconcile a Settlement Agreement. His input on the matter was thoughtful and insightful, and he helped resolve the issue timely and efficiently. I would certainly recommend Kevin’s legal services.

– jonathan, a Car Accident client (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney that Worked Hard for me in 2 Cases

Kevin kept me informed, called and emailed me promptly about my questions and concerns, and I won my 2 cases! He fought diligently to recover the maximum value in the cases, even when it looked like the odds were against me. In both cases, I recovered more than I expected. Both cases took longer than expected as well, but I could depend on Kevin to stick through the doubtful times in the cases and persist in representing me as a reputable and hard working attorney. Working with Kevin on my legal matters resulted in turning bad situations into a positive experience.

– client (5 star review)

Review for Kevin Sullivan

I hired Kevin to represent me in a lawsuit that Portfolio Recovery Associates filed against me. He was very pleasant and he explained everything clearly. I felt less stressed after our meeting and the lawsuit was dismissed shortly after we answered the complaint. I will hire him again any time I need legal service.

– sean, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

The best attorney i have ever worked with…..

Kevin was a great help to me to recover the due amount from one of our customer. They have been making fake promises for the past 10 months and once we hired Kevin and handed him over the case, he got the response with in the time frame given by Kevin. We are very happy with his services and would definitely be in touch with him and recommend others..

– Anil Singh, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

Excellent Lawyer

Kevin was very helpful with my case and in getting the settlement I was looking for. I would highly recommend Kevin.

– Debt Settlement client (5 star review)

Review of Kevin Sullivan

I hired Kevin Sullivan to handle a business-related debt collection.
I was heading overseas for an extended stay and needed to find an attorney to handle my case – quickly. I found Kevin on AVVO (he replied to a question I posted, the same morning).
Kevin provided me with an in-person meeting the next day. I very much appreciated the quick turn-around on the initial meeting request. Knowing I was in good, competent hands allowed me to head out of town with peace of mind.
Kevin is very personable and during the 2+ months it took to settle my case, Kevin provided excellent legal advice.
Kevin’s “pay-as-you-go” retainer was different than other attorneys I’ve worked with – where a relatively large sum of money has to be provided up-front.
Ultimately, Kevin got me the exact result I desired.
I would both use Kevin’s services again as well as highly recommend him to others.

– Matt, a Debt Collection client (5 star review)

Kevin Sullivan Resolved Employment Issue

Kevin is the best Lawyer I have ever worked with to resolve legal issues. He really listens to your challenges and gives you prompt feed back and really tries to resolve your legal issues on your behalf. Kevin was able to resolve my issue that 2 other attorney’s were not able to accomplish.

I fully endorse Kevin.

– Employment client (5 star review)

Law Office of Kevin Samuel Sullivan. He certainly helped me!

Kevin is personable and was very effective at resolving a credit collection lawsuit brought on by Nelson and Kennard. He managed to dismiss the case for one quarter of what was owed. Relief! Kevin is the man who can stick it to the Man!

– Gus, a Debt Collection client, (5 star review)

Fantastic and Honorable Lawyer on your side!

I am writing this review because Kevin is fantastic and he really cares about his clients. Unfortunately, I’ve had my fair share of needing to hire attorneys. I had two lawyers quit on me in the middle of my trial because I ran out of money…even though I had paid over $100K to them within 6 months. It left me really thinking that “attorneys are sharks!” But not Kevin, he has been honorable and has your best interest at heart. This is a very rare trait in a lawyer. Someone who you can trust and know they won’t bankrupt you to solve your legal problem(s). I am very glad to have found him!

– a Debt Settlement client, (5 star review)

Great Commercial Lawyer

I can highly recommend Kevin for both his legal and negotiating skills. The latter attribute is extremely hard to find as it requires someone trained in law to also have good business instincts. Additionally, Kevin is also a great communicator and is executes against his commitments in a timely fashion.

– Andrew, a Commercial client, (5 star review)

Outstanding laywer!

For the past six years, I’ve been dealing with a case of debt consolidation and it has never been settled. Finally, I hired Kevin Sullivan to end the severe stress I had because of it. Since the first time I met with Kevin, he was very relaxed, gave great advice, and maintained good communication. During the two weeks of being one of his many clients, I can definitely say that he performed to the best of his abilities. It took a shorter time than I had presumed to have the situation settled, and thanks to Kevin, I owed a smaller amount of money to the debt purchaser company – four times less than I had expected. He is an overwhelmingly exceptional lawyer that did not disappoint.

– a Debt Settlement client, (5 star review)