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Petty Theft Shoplifting San Francisco

A common charge to see in my criminal practice is Petty Theft (Penal Code Section 484) most often stemming from an alleged shoplifting incident.

Shoplifting and theft cases in general are very serious as they can impact your employment, result in jail sentences, probation and imposition of fines and fees. They are also priorable meaning that a theft conviction will enhance the charge and potential punishment as to any new theft charge if convicted.

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is important in order to try and reach the best resolution possible.

Some potential resolutions may include a dismissal of the charges, a reduction of the charge from a felony to misdemeanor or misdemeanor to an infraction, a Deferred Entry of Judgment plea, or a dismissal of the theft charge in exchange for a plea to a non-theft related offense.

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