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Value of Personal Injury Case

The Law Office of Kevin S. Sullivan has extensive experience in handling personal injury related litigation matters throughout the San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco, Marin, Oakland, San Mateo, San Jose, Martinez). Mr. Sullivan has been practicing law for over ten years and has previously worked defending personal injury cases. This gives Mr. Sullivan a valuable insight into the negotiation of a personal injury claim.

Clients often ask how to value a personal injury case. There is no set formula or chart that tells what your case is worth. A case is evaluated based on many factors including the nature, severity and permanency of the client’s injury, the amount of medical bills suffered by the client, their lost wages if any including any future wage loss, the age of the injured party, and the strength of the liability portion of the claim.

The most important factor is the experience of the client’s attorney in handling these types of cases.

Please call or email attorney Kevin S. Sullivan today to discuss your personal injury case.